What Are The Advantages of Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy by PBK Medspa in Brooklyn NY

Introduction: In medical aesthetics, advancements offer solutions that cater to various needs and desires. Sclerotherapy stands out as a proven method for treating unwanted spider and varicose veins, providing relief and aesthetic enhancement to countless individuals. This minimally invasive procedure has gained popularity for its effectiveness and efficiency. This comprehensive guide delves into the advantages of sclerotherapy […]

How does Sclerotherapy Work?

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Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure involving injecting a solution into veins or arteries to destroy them. The solution is usually a chemical, such as phenol, ethanol, or iodine. Sclerotherapy is popularly known for treating spider and varicose veins.  The word “sclerotherapy” comes from the Greek word “sclerosis,” which means “hard.” This is because the injections […]