Scar revision: Do subcision techniques work in Acne Scars?

scar revision

There are countless reasons why people get scars. People find it challenging to cover it up with cosmetics, clothing, or hairstyle modification if it’s on the face or head. Fortunately, there’s a way to remove a troublesome wound mark through scar revision.  This technique helped people worldwide to make their scars less noticeable. If you’re […]

Benefits of Spider Vein IPL Removal

Spider vein

Have you ever noticed those reddish-purple vein marks on your skin? These unsightly marks are known as spider veins. Although harmless, these marks are unappealing, and most men and women prefer having them removed. In the past, the only option for spider veins was surgery. Most surgeries are painful, and they require a specific recuperation […]

Acne Treatment with Intense Pulsated Light (IPL)


Along with changes in physique and vocal cords, one of the most common signs of puberty is acne. Acne is the formation of small pimples that show up on a person’s face when they go through hormonal changes and disappear after some time. However, these pimples and blemishes can be problematic if they show up […]

Why Facial Fillers Make You Look 10 Years Younger?

facial fillers

If you want to make your skin wrinkle-free and maintain a fresh and youthful glow, you need to receive facial filler injections. Luckily, the impacts facial fillers have on your face are natural, and the chances are that your folks won’t be able to recognize you without the wrinkles and sunken hollows. With a softer […]

7 Amazing Benefits of IPL Pigmentation

IPL Pigmentation

Intense pulse light or IPL pigmentation is a therapy used to remove wrinkles, age marks, and sun damage from one’s skin. It is also referred to as photo-facial or photo-rejuvenation. These treatments are performed at spas and clinics and are useful for treating disturbed pigmentation on the chest, face, and neck areas. In some cases, […]

Why Is Carbon Facial Good For Your Skin?


Unlike a traditional facial massage, a carbon facial is a relatively new phenomenon. It involves the application of molten carbon onto the skin, which slows absorbs into the skin through the pores. The carbon applied to your skin absorbs the contaminants in your skin. Later on, laser light is passed through the skin, which destroys […]

What Are Facial Fillers and How Do They Benefit You?


As you grow older, your skin becomes less elastic and develops wrinkles. Sometimes, these wrinkles show up on your forehead, while at others, become visible on your cheeks every time you smile. Facial fillers are a quick and effective means of avoiding these wrinkles and maintaining your youthful glow. But what are they? Let’s find […]

Things You Must Consider Before Having Your Tattoo Removed


Are you sick and tired of the tattoos on your body and what to relieve your skin of all that ink? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. Nowadays, more and more people are beginning to regret their tattoos, and they want to have them removed as quickly as possible. Here are […]

5 Surprising Benefits of Botox

Botox injections

If you want to change the way you look without getting any surgery, go for Botox injections. With a tiny needle, the Botox serum is injected wherever muscles need relaxation. Contrary to popular belief, Botox injections offer a variety of benefits, like the removal of unwanted wrinkles from your skin. Let’s take a look at […]

5 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal You Might Be Unaware Of

Spider Veins

If you are tired of shaving your body hair after every few days, you need to go for laser hair removal. Contrary to popular belief, laser hair removal is completely safe and offers a bunch of benefits. Furthermore, it is quick, cost-effective and saves you from having to shave or wax your body hair every […]