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Removing stretch marks with lasers is the most effective way to reduce or eliminate these disfiguring lesions all over the body. Each stretch mark is treated with a highly concentrated laser that penetrates into the skin, where the blood vessels just underneath the skin absorb laser light. This powerful light causes blood vessels to collapse, resulting in unattractive purple, red or pink spots on the skin. As the blood vessels collapse, the blood is sent to other parts of the body leading to discoloration of stretch marks being eliminated. When the blood vessels break down, blood is carried to other areas of the body, resulting in the fading of stretch marks. Due to collagen growth stimulated by the laser, the stretch marks will tend to fade to a very light color and disappear.


Stretch Mark treatments are performed by a laser that is a highly successful technique for getting rid of stretch marks caused by pregnancy, rapid growth during puberty, or weight gain or loss due to exercise, bodybuilding, or natural growth.
Laser stretch mark removal is a technique that uses laser resurfacing to remove striae (stretch marks). The outer layer of skin will be removed to assist in the restoration of skin.

Candidates for the removal of laser stretch marks include any woman or man who has stretch marks that interfere with his or her everyday life or feelings of self-confidence.

After two to six stretch mark treatments, clients may anticipate seeing results. This treatment can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, making them barely visible or even eliminate them completely.

After a single procedure with the laser system, some initial benefits may be seen; however, most patients see the most significant results after three or four treatments spread several weeks apart to continue collagen remodeling and improve healthy-looking skin over time.

Good news: if you follow the instructions carefully, your results will last a lifetime — allowing you to say goodbye to faded skin forever and welcome fresh, smoother skin.

Other than staying out of the sun, most people don’t need to change their routine to consider removing laser stretch marks.

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