October 2, 2022
Laser Hair Reduction, PBK Medspa

All You Need to Know About Laser Hair Reduction

Most people have at least one area of their body that they feel self-conscious about. Maybe it's their stomach, their thighs, or their upper lip. For many people, hair is […]
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September 1, 2022
Dermatology, PBK Medspa

Dermatology: How Does Pigment Removal Work?

We all have those pesky dark spots on our skin that just won't disappear. The melanin-rich areas may be even more noticeable for those with a darker complexion. Pigment […]
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August 2, 2022
PBK Medspa, Stretch Mark Revision

Which Is Better For Stretch Mark Revision: Laser Or Surgery?

Stretch marks appear as bands of lines running across your skin when your skin stretches or shrinks rapidly. Stretch marks aren't painful or harmful, but they can leave your skin look unattractive. If […]
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July 1, 2022
Botox, Face Rejuvenation, PBK Medspa

Full Face Rejuvenation with Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport

It doesn't matter how well you follow your skincare routine; wrinkles are an inevitable consequence of getting older. This is due to the fact that as collagen levels in the skin decrease, the skin becomes […]
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June 1, 2022
PBK Medspa, Stretch Marks

What Are The Best Products For Stretch Marks?

Nobody wants to have stretch marks, but sometimes it's hard to avoid them. One way to minimize the risk is to use the right products and follow some healthy habits to […]
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May 5, 2022
PBK Medspa, Photofacial

Is It Safe To Get A Photofacial Done To Get Rid Of Prolonged Tanning?

Occasionally, we forget to protect ourselves from the sun's rays. The sun is a natural source of light and heat, and when it shines on our skin, it can cause damage. […]
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April 4, 2022
PBK Medspa, Pink Intimate System

Pink Intimate System: A Complete Guide

The Pink Intimate System is every woman's solution for a darker 'down there.' Are you starting to notice and wonder why […]
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March 4, 2022
PBK Medspa, Permanent makeup

What Is Permanent Makeup?

The struggle of always putting on makeup is tiring, and It's a tedious process that requires a lot of effort and time. However, it's not just the time that is spent—it's […]
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February 10, 2022
PBK Medspa, PDO Thread Lift

Have You Tried PDO Threads? How Long Does It Last?

The cosmetic enterprise is a multi-billion dollar industry growing at an exponential rate. Cosmetic treatments are not just for the young and beautiful anymore, and with […]
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February 10, 2022
PBK Medspa, Ultra Femme

All you need to know about BTL Ultra Femme 360

The Ultra Femme 360 technique is the fastest non-invasive vaginal therapy available, bringing an entirely new approach to women's health. Vaginal laxity, uncomfortable intercourse, […]
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January 12, 2022
Facial Redness, PBK Medspa, Pigmentation

How To Fix Facial Redness And Pigmentation

Frequently exposing our skin to outside environments can cause our skin to age prematurely. If you want to keep your skin healthy and young-looking, then you must take […]
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December 27, 2021
IPL Photo Facial, Laser hair removal, PBK Medspa

Are IPL Photo Facials Safe and Effective?

IPL (intense pulsed light) is a skin […]
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November 24, 2021
PBK Medspa, Sculptra Treatment, Skin Treatment

How Long Does Sculptra Aesthetics Last?

Are you dissatisfied with the image you see in the mirror? Do you appear exhausted and drained, even after a good night's sleep? It is possible that the gradual loss of […]
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October 29, 2021
Cosmetic treatment, Laser Therapy, PBK Medspa, Pigment Removal, Skin Treatment

Laser Therapy for Pigment Removal: Its Benefits, Procedures, and Kinds

Some procedures that we risk doing to our skins can either be good or harmful, effective or stagnant, and permanent or temporary. There are permanent procedures such as […]
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October 10, 2021
PBK Medspa, Skin wrinkle

Why Does Our Skin Wrinkle and What Can Be Done to Avoid Skin Wrinkling?

When we age, our bodies go through a variety of changes, and one such change is skin wrinkling. As we grow older, collagen production tends to drop, thus depriving our skin of its natural elasticity. When […]
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