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Sclerotherapy is an innovative and effective treatment offered at PBK Med Spa for removing unsightly spider veins in your legs. Sclerotherapy is an innovative and effective treatment offered at PBK Med Spa for eliminating unsightly spider veins in your legs. The Sclerotherapy procedure is carried out with a microneedle, which goes beneath the skin and injects a medicine that causes veins to stick together and seal shut and cut off blood flow. After the blood flow is cut off, it takes only a few short weeks before the vein becomes scar tissue, so it is no longer visible.

The good news is that spider veins that have been treated with Sclerotherapy will generally disappear permanently!

Some of the benefits of Sclerotherapy treatments:
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Virtually Painless And Safe


A Minimally Invasive Procedure

Collagen Microneeedling

Removes Unsightly Veins


Procedure Performed Right At PBK Med Spa

Aesthetic Med Spa treatments In Brooklyn, New York

Little Risk Of Complications

RF Treatments

No Downtime!

facial fillers

No Incisions Or Anesthetics

Sclerotherapy Brooklyn, New York

No Hospital Stay Required


Sclerotherapy is a technique that uses injections of a solution inserted directly into the veins. The solution causes inflammation in the lining of the vessel, which causes it to scar and collapse on itself, eventually obstructing the flow of blood through that particular vein. Over time, your body absorbs all traces of this material, leaving nothing behind but smooth.

Anyone who would like to get rid of unsightly veins in the legs, face, or other areas can be a candidate for Sclerotherapy.

The Sclerotherapy procedure is painless, but we use a numbing agent before treatment to avoid any discomfort.

Most people can go right back to their daily activities immediately after the procedure.
The total number of treatments needed will depend on the number of veins that need to be treated, and where they are located. Treatment requires multiple visits spaced approximately one week apart. This allows the vein time to disappear before the next treatment.

Generally, Sclerotherapy is a permanent solution for spider veins. The treated vein may grow back and require another treatment in rare cases, but that is quite uncommon after the second or third treatment. You can expect to see your results improve immediately following each session.

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