BioRePeelCl3 is a revolutionary type of chemical peel that works to penetrate the dermis without causing any traditional skin peeling. It is made up of a powerful combination of 35% TCA, lactobionic acid, salicylic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, and amino acids such as proline, glycine, and arginine. This innovative patented biphasic technology has been proven to provide skin firming and tightening, as well as being an effective treatment for acne scars. A series of 4-6 treatments spaced 1-2 weeks apart are needed to achieve the best results with this peel. It provides a bio-stimulating, revitalizing, and peeling-like effect without the actual skin peeling. BioRePeelCl3 can be used on the face, neck, decolletage, and body.

Benefits of BioRePeelCl3 Chemical Peel:

  • Smooths out wrinkles and scars
  • Skin rejuvenation for the face, neck, and cleavage
  • Eliminations discoloration
  • Improves skin tension and elasticity
  • Closes the pores
  • Eliminates blackheads
  • Improves acne skin conditions
  • Reduction of excessive seborrhea
  • Removes blackheads
  • Reduces stretch marks


BioRePeelCl3 is an advanced skincare solution that provides deep moisture, biostimulation, peeling, and keratolytic actions to improve the overall look of the skin. It helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as acne, comedones, and enlarged pores. Ultimately, it is an ideal choice for those who want to achieve healthier, younger-looking skin.

Treatments should be performed every 7-10 days for 3 to 6 sessions for best results.

BioRePeelCl3 is a no-downtime peel treatment that provides immediate results. After a few days of use, you may experience some redness, dryness, and tingling, followed by mild peeling of the top layer of skin after three days.

The BioRePeelCl3 peel is effective on the face, neck, décolleté, hands, feet, and elbows.

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