A thread lift is a non-surgical facelift technique offered at PBK MedSpa that uses dissolvable bi-directional cones to create a lifted, more youthful appearance while also encouraging collagen creation and providing temporary support.
Non-surgical facelift outcomes may last up to three years and can be combined with other treatments to improve and extend the result.
Thread lifts can be used to treat:
Beautiful woman with smiling Face

Facial features are beginning to loosen

Woman with beautiful face

The jowl area


Sagging in the eyebrow area


Sagging neck skin

A thread lift may be beneficial for both men and women who wish to minimize the look of wrinkles and facial folds. This treatment can also help to reduce the appearance of sagging skin by tightening the skin gently. Thread lifts also provide immediate benefits without the downtime or scars that come with a surgical facelift. If you want natural-looking, more youthful-looking skin, a thread lift may be the answer that you are looking for!

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