Have You Tried PDO Threads? How Long Does It Last?

Have You Tried PDO Threads? How Long Does It Last?

The cosmetic enterprise is a multi-billion dollar industry growing at an exponential rate. Cosmetic treatments are not just for the young and beautiful anymore, and with the aging population on the rise, more and more people are turning to cosmetic treatments to combat the signs of aging. One of the most effective cosmetic treatments currently is PDO threads.

Nobody wants to look old. It is a genuine human instinct to want to look young and attractive. When they are getting older, people first cover up the signs of aging with makeup or hair dye. But some things can’t be covered up with makeup or surgery, like wrinkles, facial sagging, and age spots.

The signs of aging may seem inevitable. But thanks to new treatments, we have several new ways to combat them effectively. Today, we will examine one of these new treatments, PDO threads. 

What Are PDO Threads?

PDO Threads are a cosmetic treatment used to remove wrinkles and lines from the skin. The treatment is done by inserting a thread under the skin and then pulling it out.The threads are made of polydioxanone, a biodegradable material that the FDA has approved for use in medical procedures. The procedure is safe as long as it is handled by someone with a license and years of experience. The threads are inserted into the skin using a needle and then pulled out to create an opening in the skin. The thread will stay under the skin’s surface until it naturally dissolves over time.

Why Resort To PDO Cosmetic Treatment?

The reason to use this treatment is to combat signs of aging, particularly when the facial structure sags. Aren’t there other cosmetic treatments that do the same? So why resort to PDO cosmetic treatment?To explain those queries, we will first explain why your facial skin sags and how the treatment addresses that concern. So why does your facial structure sag when you age?

Why Our Skin Sags When We Age

Protein cells are underneath your skin, collagen and elastin, which hold your facial structure together. Your body doesn’t produce as many protein cells anymore when you age. So the existing protein cells structures get damaged by environmental factors, and there aren’t enough cells to replace them.Collagen holds your skin up like a pillar holding a building up. But when there isn’t enough around, there aren’t enough pillars holding the skin upright. As a result, the skin’s surface collapses, and you will start seeing creases on your skin, which are wrinkles, fine lines, etc. 

With enough time and collagen damage, the entire skin ultimately collapses, too, so much so that the skin sags and thins. There is not much collagen holding it up firmly any more. 

How PDO Threads Work

To lift the skin and tighten it, we will utilize PDO threads. Your provider will insert some threads and then pull them—quite similar to tightening in sewing. However, to minimize the effects of rejection, we will use natural ingredients threads. Likewise, these threads will also dissolve over time. However, it doesn’t mean that the skin loosens when the thread is gone. The PDO threads are made of natural polydioxanone, and once this dissolves, it stimulates the skin to produce collagen. 

As stated earlier, collagen is the protein responsible for keeping your skin firm and youthful. So even if PDO threads dissolve, their effects remain the same since collagen took over the role of the threads in keeping your skin firm, tight, and youthful. 


There are alternatives to PDO threads, and some cosmetic treatments can also lift your skin. However, their effects aren’t instantaneous or more permanent than PDO threads. They take several months and sessions before you notice changes, and also, they don’t last as long. There is a more permanent solution, which is facelift surgery. The surgery will involve removing excess skin to smoothen the folds or wrinkles and tighten it to stop facial sagging. Your provider will make an incision near the hairline, close the temples in front of the ear, and then back to the lower scalp behind the ears.

Also, they will remove excess fat and skin and then redistribute them accordingly. Your provider will also be going to move some connective muscle tissue. As you can see, it’s a whole lot of work with a lot of downtimes needed. The effects are more permanent, but are you willing to go under the knife and spend weeks of recovery? If you are, there is nothing wrong with that, but you need to know that it involves many risks. 

PDO Thread Lift, A Minimally Invasive Procedure

PDO threads are still quite invasive, but not as much as surgery. However, it is still more invasive than other cosmetic treatments out there. There are kybella, dermal fillers, and Botox that can reduce signs of aging. However, their effects aren’t as permanent as PDO thread lift, and their effects also aren’t as pronounced. Don’t get me wrong, all of these treatments are effective and only require small injections, but PDO threads show a more noticeable result. 

For the PDO Thread procedure, we will utilize some oversized needles, and within these needles are the threads. They will use these needles several times, each containing the thread and then pulling it to tighten the skin. The more experienced the provider, the longer its effects will last.Your provider will, of course, give you some anesthesia to ensure that you feel comfortable and painless throughout the procedure. The needles won’t leave any scars behind, and patients can go back to their daily routine after a week since the procedure. 

How long does the PDO thread last? The treatment will last you for about two years, but it can last more than that, depending on your maintenance.


PDO threads are one of the most effective ways to combat aging signs, particularly skin sagging. If you want to consult more about it or are currently interested to take this procedure, make sure to reach out to PBK Medspa. They offer cosmetic treatments that you may find suitable for your cosmetic needs and goals.